Gotbaum: Budget Cut Is 'Payback' From Quinn

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Gotbaum Says 40 Percent Budget Cut Is 'Payback' From Quinn for Term Limits

Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum said her office will be cut by 40 percent in the budget being passed by the City Council this afternoon because of her opposition to extending term limits, and called it “political payback from Speaker Quinn,” the Council speaker. (more from this and other articles after the jump)

Christine Quinn: Behind the Smile

See how openly gay City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has betrayed NYC voters, the gay community and the democratic process while masquerading as a reformer. See comments on the video at Youtube

and from the Village Voice...

Stop the INSANITY... Bob is a tad skeptical on Christine Quinn

Just mention the name Quinn and Bob gets a little excited.

Term Limits and Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn's home political club, the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, was sufficiently outraged at Quinn's decision to overturn term limits, that the following was posted on the club's Web site:
24 days and ticking since Christine Quinn addresses CRDC and the constituents in our district on her decision to overturn term limits by a vote through the City Counsel.

In the last newsletter I predicted that Speaker Quinn and our Mayor would plot to overthrow term limits before December. As I write this article only one month later, our elected officials have already thwarted the will of NYC voters by getting term limits extended through a vote in the city council.

Pundits Blast Quinn on Term Limits

NY1 cable news pundits Curtis Sliwa and Gerson Borrero blast Quinn for her role in selling out the public trust by undoing term limits. Defending Quinn, supposed reporter Dominic Carter asks why they are always on her back. He somehow believes she's fighting for the "voiceless in the city" (around 4:39). Carter also admits he's never seen an episode of the Simpsons (5:22), which perhaps explains why he's so enamored with Quinn.

Speaker Quinn tries to quell Council troops upset over Slushgate probe

Speaker Quinn tries to quell Council troops upset over Slushgate probe
by Adam Lisberg, Matthew Lysiak and Elizabeth Benjamin
New York Daily News

Monday, April 14th 2008, 4:00 AM -- City Council Speaker Christine Quinn burned up the phone lines over the weekend, trying to calm an uprising by rank-and-file Council members infuriated by the financial scandal on her watch. Her fellow lawmakers were caught by surprise when Quinn's secret slush fund was exposed, then were blindsided again Friday when she said she would reform the system by limiting their discretionary funds as well. That prompted a series of extraordinary meetings by delegations from Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx, Council sources said.

Harlem Rally: Christine Quinn Must Go!

At a weekend rally to oppose the pending rezoning of 125th Street, demonstrators broke into a chant of "Christine Quinn Must Go":

"Charles' Barron, a City Councilman from Brooklyn, took the podium and led a chant of 'Harlem is not for Sale.'

"Mr. Barron cited the political tumult in Zimbabwe, and then talked about the influence that local Councilwoman Inez Dickens could have on the City Council's final vote on the rezoning, which is expected this week.

Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn

Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn
By Brad Hamilton, Angela Montefinise and Melissa Klein
New York Post

April 13, 2008 -- Feds probing the City Council budget scandal are weighing wire- and mail-fraud charges against those who helped send millions into a secret slush fund, The Post has learned.

"If you pick up a phone and tell someone to do something illegal, that's wire fraud," said a law-enforcement source familiar with the probe. "If you send a check, that's mail fraud."

Sources said prosecutors are considering several targets, including council Speaker Christine Quinn, though it was unclear whether they had found any evidence against her.

Investigations Into Spending Lead Speaker to Hire Lawyer

Investigations Into Spending Lead Speaker to Hire Lawyer
by Ray Rivera and Russ Buettner
New York Times

April 12, 2008 -- Christine C. Quinn, the speaker of the New York City Council, has hired a criminal defense lawyer to represent her in federal and city investigations into Council spending practices, an aide said on Friday.

The move comes a week after disclosures that Ms. Quinn’s office had appropriated millions of dollars to organizations that do not exist, instead routing the money to organizations favored by individual council members.

Quinn Probed over Bogus Grant Groups

This $$ is Hers for the Faking
Quinn Office Probed over Bogus Grant Groups
By Frankie Edozien
New York Post

April 3, 2008 -- City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's office hid millions of taxpayer dollars by allocating grants to phantom organizations as a way of holding the funds to dole out political favors later - bogus bookkeeping that is the subject of city and federal probes, The Post has learned.

 Among the dozens of fabricated groups that were slated to receive funds were the "Immigration Improvement Project of New York" ($300,000), the "Coalition for a Strong Special Education" ($400,000) and the "American Association of Concerned Veterans" ($422,763).

The total amount set aside in 2007 and 2008 for the fake organizations - which are each listed by name in the city budget after being inserted at the council's request - was $4.7 million. In the two years, 30 phantom groups were listed, council aides confirmed.

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