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Press, wheelchair-bound voter denied entry

Debate: Quinn gets an earful

Another corrupt NYC politician...

Aw heck, it's August 1st and there's no breaking Quinn news. So we go back to Bob, although he's a bit intense, he hits it right on the head. He just can't freaking believe it. We can.

Flashback: Quinn parties; Villager Puff Pieces; buildings crumble

Flashback June 2006, Christine Quinn blew off an important Queens meeting for Game Hen with Celebrities.

According to a Queens Tribune article, Christine Quinn failed to show up at an important Queens Public Forum to discuss problems with the Department of Buildings. Flyers had gone out from the NYC Council announcing the Public Forum on "Improving the Department of Buildings" with Christine Quinn as the main attendee, for 7 PM, Wednesday, June 21, 2006.

And just where was Christine Quinn on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 7 PM? She was yukking it up with some of the world's most ugly and shallow people, promoting the wholesale bulldozing of West Chelsea for the High Line project. Three years later, Quinn and Bloomberg are now pushing a plan to force Chelsea residents to pay for their Yuppie Park on the second floor. (more after the jump)

Christine Cuppycake Quinn

Perhaps he should have called her His Cuppycake?

Seriously, we all feel disgust over Christine Quinn. But here we find one of her aggrieved constituents using inartful and impolite words to express that contempt. And TWO reporters, who -- for some reason -- aren't covering any of the real issues of why so many Quinn constituents might want to express such sentiments, descend on this alleged faux pas of Bill Thompson, which is really nothing at all. Is Maggie Haberman trying to get the 2009 Dominic Carter prize for bad journalism?

And since the whorish question has now been begged, perhaps the Post will use it's massive resources to give the public a rundown of all the really offensive people that are, in fact, purchasing Christine Quinn's votes and for hundreds of thousands of dollars. From Wikipedia: in colloquial usage, the word "prostitute" is sometimes generalized to mean the selling of one's services for a cause thought to be unworthy, in the sense of "prostituting oneself" or "whoring oneself".

Is there some reason Quinn's landlord and developer money should not be seen as simple prostitution? Or is she just a crook?

From now on, when you have the urge to call Christine C. Quinn a "whore," we urge restraint and that you call her CUPPYCAKE ... and we'll all know what you really mean. Maggie Haberman, you can now uncup your offended ears, and stop shilling for Bloomberg and Quinn.

(read the Post article here, or after the jump)

Quinn to the Disabled: Bankruptcy & Welfare

A letter to Christine Quinn
Download letter in PDF
July 2009

Dear Speaker Quinn,

Remember me? I tried for more than three years to get you to respond to my e-mails, letters and phone calls? You finally responded — but only after I became a paparazzo and happened to be at a red carpet event that you attended (see photo). You finally acknowledged me after I asked you a question following your strut on the red carpet. Does this ring any bells?

In case you do not recall our meeting and brief conversation, my partner Vince is a Gay retired, disabled NYC manager. He’s less than ten years older than you but he has retinitis pigmentosa, some chronic health issues and has had open heart surgery.
(more after the jump)

How does a hypocrite answer a question?

by Bob Johnson (with permission)
originally posted at

Tuesday night I attended a Barnes and Noble author event: Andrea Batista Schlesinger [left] on her new book, The Death of “Why”? I attended for two reasons: one, because Christine Quinn was introducing the author at the event and, two, to hear more about this new author’s work (I actually was very intrigued by the book’s description, I was even thinking about buying a copy.) (More after the jump.)

Quinn hit with even more protests!

Lackey: Who's behind this? This is illegal!

Police attempt to intimidate protesters.

Christine Quinn does not seem to understand there's something called the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing the right to assemble and protest.

Once again, Quinn had the NYPD out to intimidate protesters who were - mostly silently - holding up signs, passing out fliers, objecting to a third term for Quinn. The reasons are varied, but simple: she undermined the will of NYC voters by removing term limits, she engages in slush-funding for political patrons and she is the darling of NYC landlords and developers. (more after the jump)

Youtube Video: No Third Term for Christine Quinn

In 2008, Quinn backed Mayor Bloomberg on a controversial bill that overturned voter-approved term limits and allowed for the Mayor, City Councilmembers (including her), and Borough Presidents to run for third terms, reversing the results of two successive public referenda. The Public Advocate and Comptroller both denounced this move; neither will seek a third term. In June 2009, the Public Advocate's Office sustained a 40% budget cut for the fiscal year commencing July 1. No other elected office received a cut greater than 6%.

In April 2008, Quinn became embroiled in a scandal over phantom budget allocations to non-existent community groups. In fiscal year 2007-08 alone, $4.5 million had been set aside for thirty different phantom groups. Quinn was investigated on these slush funds and stated that while she knew some money was being held, she had only recently found out the groups were fake. She also said she told her staff to stop funneling money to the fake groups, but they didn't. "I was kind of sick over the fact that there were things listed in the budget that were not accurate and that my instructions to the staff were disregarded." Quinn says she turned over information to city and state authorities.

She will be running (and that's a threat)

A little bird we know just got this call (.mp3) from the Quinn Re-election Campaign. Do they have no shame?

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