When voters give Christine Quinn a headache, the easy solution is ... Go Shopping!

Stung by a new coalition of unions, tree-huggers and former supporters, Quinn does the only logical thing: Raise More Money!

Mayoral Hopeful Chris Quinn Pushes Back Against PAC Attack With Fundraising Pitch
New York Daily News
by Celeste Katz
April 8, 2013

Mayoral hopeful Chris Quinn is pushing back against a PAC attack.

Quinn, the Democratic frontrunner to succeed Mayor Bloomberg, is trying to fire up donors by enlisting them to help her fight what she calls a "disgrace" of a 30-second ad that trashes her as just another power-hungry pol.

As we noted earlier today, the ominous-soundtrack cable spot is sponsored by NYC Is Not For Sale, a new PAC formed by CWA Local 1180 and NYCLASS, a celebrity-backed animal rights group which is pushing to get horse-drawn carriages off the streets.

In an email with three separate links to the donation page of her 2013 website, the City Council speaker bashes the new committee as "an all-out effort to undermine New York City’s public campaign finance system."

Christine Quinn and her back-room deals


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Union-connected TV ad goes after Quinn for Term Limits and other sins

Outside Group Invests in Effort to Block Quinn’s Mayoral Campaign
New York Times
by David W. Chen
April 8, 2013

See the video here.

The imagery conjures up “The Wizard of Oz”: as smoke fills the screen, the head of a frowning Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, materializes.

The first commercial from the group NYC Is Not for Sale 2013.

“She wants you to think that she’s a progressive, but on the issues New Yorkers care most about, she is always on the wrong side,” a male narrator intones. “All that’s clear when the smoke lifts is her political ambition.”

As a succession of blurbs from newspaper articles suggest that she has waffled on key issues, the narrator concludes, “When Christine Quinn doesn’t support our values, how can you support her for mayor?”

So goes a commercial attacking Ms. Quinn that, starting on Monday, is scheduled to appear on cable television stations like MSNBC and Bravo for three weeks. The 30-second commercial, the first of the mayoral race, comes quite early in the primary season, underscoring the competitive nature of the contest to succeed Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg.

Quinn Arrogance! She thinks she's already the mayor!

On March 28, a Quinn campaign email (talking about the NYPD and Stop & Frisk) led with the following:

"As Mayor, my number one priority is to keep New York City the safest big city in the country."

She didn't say "If I'm elected Mayor" or "As Mayor, my number one priority would be..."

She said she's the Mayor ... now ... seven months before the election.

But she's a Council Member. She's not the Mayor ... not yet (and we hope not ever).

We all saw how Quinn undermined democracy in 2008 by abolishing term limits established twice by voter referendum.

Now she says, "forget the election ... I'm the Mayor already!"

Who else is a paranoid Loon?

One of our readers observed that Christine Quinn has a remarked paranoid personality similar to Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny.

In the 2002 tape, Quinn demands to know the name of every person supposedly contacted about her waffling and that she would call each and every one.

Quinn's Betrayal of the LGBT community

Noted playwright Dan Fishback discusses Christine Quinn's betrayal of the LGBT community in Queerty:

Queerty: One of the most interesting themes of the play is “proximity to power,” particularly how homosexuals in those positions – closeted or not – forsake the LGBT community, e.g. Ken Mehlman. Can you speak to that a bit?

Dan Fishback: One of the worst culprits of this kind of betrayal is Christine Quinn. People support her because she’s a lesbian, but her actual policies are terrible for most queer people.

She supported turning St. Vincent’s Hospital in the still-gay West Village into a luxury condo high rise, as if gay people need wealthy neighbors more than they need a hospital. She won’t pass paid sick leave, she’s supported our demonic Police Commissioner, the list goes on and on. But the thing is: queer people are everywhere. So when politicians like Quinn attack the poor, they attack the LGBT community. When they attack immigrants, they attack the LGBT community. When they attack people of color, they attack the LGBT community.

NY1 Wise Guys on Chris Quinn's Hissy Fits

Go here for the complete video on Youtube.

Tuesday, March 26, on NY1 Cable show "Road to City Hall," on its segment "Wise Guys" (with former Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, former Governor Eliot Spitzer and former Senator Alphonse D'Amato) looked at Christine Quinn's political temperament.

Betsy Gotbaum -- (who was traumatized by Quinn as detailed in the New York Times article -- had this to say to the show's host, Errol Louis:

Errol Louis: It [the article] talks about a screaming encounter that seems to come out of nowhere, and there's almost no interpretation where that is appropriate or OK between you and Speaker Quinn.

Betsy Gotbaum: Well first of all I want to make it clear this is not about Speaker Quinn and Betsy Gotbaum. This is really about what I consider to be important as a leadership issue for the City of New York going forward in the coming mayoral campaign. And I really believe that being a leader you have to be conciliatory, you have to listen to all sides, you have to try to come to a consensus and have people think that you are listening to them, and actually listen to them and then come to a decision. And I believe that kind of leadership is what we need for the mayor in 2014.

Read what Eliot Spitzer and Alphonse D'Amato had to say about Christine Quinn after the jump.

Soundproof Speaker

March 27, 2013 NY1 Inside City Hall excerpt. Curtis Sliwa and Gerson Borrero explain how soundproofing Christine Quinn's offices during her screaming fits can help prevent hearing loss.

Quinn's a Bully ... so now we're sexist?

Since Tuesday's New York Times' profile of Christine Quinn as a bully first appeared, a small part of the pushback -- presumably from Quinn's staff who spend their days campaigning rather than helping constituents -- has been pointed at the Times itself, calling the article sexist. But the Daily Beast has an interesting take on all this, Calling Christine Quinn A Bully Isn’t Sexist – It’s Progress. So go figure.

And of course, if we're so sexist, we would not have helped to create one of the first sites criticizing a deserving political bully, RetireRudy.com (snapshot only, it's no longer online)

And if we were so sexist, we would not have helped to create PredroEspada.com or VitoLopez.com, now would we?

Two Council members describe Quinn's retaliation against them, and predict more

Capital New York
by Azi Paybarah
March 27, 2013

I just spoke to two City Council members who have said they were targets of retaliation from Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Elizabeth Crowley of Middle Village, who was cited in that big Times piece for having been yelled at by Quinn over the wording a press release and saw cuts to senior centers and sports programs in her district, told me she actually had her funding punitively cut by Quinn on two separate occasions.

"That's what makes it so obvious, that it's vindictive and that she disciplines members who are independent," Crowley said.

The first occasion was after Crowley sent out a press release announcing fire houses were spared closure in the 2010 budget without crediting Quinn. That triggered a cut, which was first reported by the Post.

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