Will Maria Passanante-Derr help Quinn win?

At a certain point in every election it simply comes down to math. Getting more voters out for your candidate can make the critical difference. It no longer matters about positions, character, ideology or even who looks better. Polls can tell you where the electorate is, but the experts watch to which candidate the undecided voters are deciding for in the last two weeks.

In a three-way race, the plurality usually matters, not the majority. This year in the third district, there might be more anti-Quinn voters than those who support her, but Quinn could still win by dividing the opposition.

Without even looking at the merits of the challengers, many West Side election watchers feel that Yetta Kurland has run a more energetic campaign, attracted more support and has a better chance -- actually the only chance -- to defeat Christine Quinn. There is indeed sufficient anger at Quinn to beat her. But if the opposition is divided, Quinn could still win.(More after the jump)

Of course Quinn's campaign knows this full well. That's why they got the Daily News to run an article last week calling Quinn's re-election a "shoo-in." This was based on the opinion of only one person. We're not kidding. No polling, no consensus, just one person, creating the "expectations" game, that she's going to win anyway, so you might as well stay home.

Then the Village Voice, which has a habit of hiring young and naive cub reporters, ran a piece coming to the same conclusion based only on the Daily News article. A few days later the Voice's new Jimmy Olsen ran a second piece, pointing to his first piece, based on the Daily News article, written on the unsupported assumptions of just one person. Just wonderful journalism! So great, you might think that NY1 had done it.

But spoilers are serious business. Remember Ralph Nader. Wonderful man, but many feel his 2000 candidacy cut sufficiently deep into Al Gore's base that he was the spoiler that gave us eight years of George Bush and all the damage to the country he wrought.

We hear this might be a tight race. Quinn is definitely beatable, but it's hardly a given.

Maria Passannante-Derr has run an angry race. We're angry too, but believe that no matter what ... Quinn must go. And it appears that Maria Passannante-Derr's candidacy could very well ensure a Quinn victory next Tuesday at the polls. In other words, she could be the spoiler that Christine Quinn so very much wants and needs. It comes down to the numbers. Even if Passannante draws only 10% of the vote, that could help Quinn win.

It's too late for Passannante to drop out (for which many had hoped). But it's not too late for you to get off your collective rear ends tomorrow and vote for Yetta Kurland. She's not perfect and we still have questions. But faced with the possibility of another four years of Quinn, it's Yetta Time.

Note: we have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with Yetta Kurland or her campaign.