When voters give Christine Quinn a headache, the easy solution is ... Go Shopping!

Stung by a new coalition of unions, tree-huggers and former supporters, Quinn does the only logical thing: Raise More Money!

Mayoral Hopeful Chris Quinn Pushes Back Against PAC Attack With Fundraising Pitch
New York Daily News
by Celeste Katz
April 8, 2013

Mayoral hopeful Chris Quinn is pushing back against a PAC attack.

Quinn, the Democratic frontrunner to succeed Mayor Bloomberg, is trying to fire up donors by enlisting them to help her fight what she calls a "disgrace" of a 30-second ad that trashes her as just another power-hungry pol.

As we noted earlier today, the ominous-soundtrack cable spot is sponsored by NYC Is Not For Sale, a new PAC formed by CWA Local 1180 and NYCLASS, a celebrity-backed animal rights group which is pushing to get horse-drawn carriages off the streets.

In an email with three separate links to the donation page of her 2013 website, the City Council speaker bashes the new committee as "an all-out effort to undermine New York City’s public campaign finance system."

Quinn's campaign has said the PAC is aligned with one of her primary foes, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, who supports getting rid of the buggies.

"My opponents' allies think they can circumvent the campaign finance system to try and tip the balance in this election – they’re wrong," Quinn's pitch letter continues.

"But I'm not backing down, I’m standing up."

The ad has rekindled some divisions in the labor community, pitting Local 1180 against Teamsters Joint Council 16, which represents the carriage drivers.

“The fact that some union leaders would allow themselves to be used by mega millionaire Steve Nislick in his misguided campaign to destroy the horse drawn carriage industry, long a staple of the city's tourist scene, is shameful," Local 16 President George Miranda said in a statement blasted out ahead of the PAC's scheduled 11 a.m. presser.

Nislick, a co-founder of NYCLASS, "has had his eyes on stables on the West Side of Manhattan for years for his parking garage business and has been frustrated with his inability to get his hands on this valuable real estate," Miranda charged.

Here's the new ad, which goes after Quinn for not sharing "our values" on issues including living wage and paid sick leave legislation -- both of which she ended up supporting, albeit in modified forms, after initially keeping the bills from reaching the Council floor for a vote.