Term Limits and Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn's home political club, the Chelsea Reform Democratic Club, was sufficiently outraged at Quinn's decision to overturn term limits, that the following was posted on the club's Web site:
24 days and ticking since Christine Quinn addresses CRDC and the constituents in our district on her decision to overturn term limits by a vote through the City Counsel.

In the last newsletter I predicted that Speaker Quinn and our Mayor would plot to overthrow term limits before December. As I write this article only one month later, our elected officials have already thwarted the will of NYC voters by getting term limits extended through a vote in the city council.

Now, I have gypsy blood in my family but I am no fortune teller. How did I guess what was going to happen and how did I predict the exact excuse our elected officials would use when I said "NYC is in a financial crisis and we cannot afford a change in leadership." you might ask? Simple, a politically connected consultant told me about this in early September. He informed me that this had been planned for months.

Thus, last month I called on our councilwoman to place this issue before a public referendum and reminded her that our club passed a resolution opposing overturning term limits unless it was done through public referendum. I received no response. I know I am not the only one offended by this, so I ask our club what are we going to do?

Ms. Quinn is our elected representative and when we voice an objection to her actions, she simply ignores us? Don't you think she should have spoken to our club before she went against our collected opinion?

Normally, I attempt to argue my point with facts and reasoning. However, in this case, I do not feel this is necessary as most people realize that what transpired was nothing more than a shameless power grab. The voters of New York have spoken twice on this issue and to simply ignore the voice of the people is not what is supposed to happen in a democratic society.

Again, we can argue the fine points, but why bother? 89% of the people of NYC agree that term limits should be overturned by referendum only. I am so disgusted with how this was handled that I don't know where to start. I am not happy with the mayor (whom I don't vote for anyway) but I am much more upset with Christine Quinn. Every time she tries to justify why she overturned term limits the way she did, I get more offended. Does she think I am stupid?

I feel like she takes my vote for granted, I think she takes the will of our club for granted, and I don't like to be made to feel stupid (did I already say that?). On (roughly) October 12th the world "officially" discovered that Christine Quinn would support overturning term limits. Thus, it has been 24 days and counting since our councilwoman has spoken directly to her constituents about this decision.

I think this is totally inappropriate. So, I ask Christine to schedule a public forum to explain to the people in our district why she decided to extend term limits, even though her own political club is against her actions. I would ask that her office pay for all the publicity and ads that are necessary to invite the people in our community to this forum so they can listen to what she has to say and ask whatever questions they have.

I personally do not know how she can ask for our vote if she won't discuss such a serious issue with her constituents. I will be writing an article about term limits every month until next year's city council elections. I will work very hard to provide different viewpoints about what I see as a travesty of justice.

Hopefully the leaders in The Chelsea Reform Democratic club will help hold our elected official's feet to the fire, otherwise, what is the point?

Luke McAuliffe