Quinn Protested During Naming of Jane Jacobs Way

published by Epoch Times
By Stephanie Lam

Just like her smile, the photo on the left is fake. But the protests were real (not just Coney Island) and the article is real.

NEW YORK­ -- The section of Hudson Street between Perry Street and West 11th Street, where writer and urban activist Jane Jacobs lived, was renamed Jane Jacobs Way on Monday despite protests that Council Speaker Christine Quinn is against what Jacobs stood for.

Speaker Quinn and other government officials spoke at the ceremony, and presented a commemorative Jane Jacobs Way Street sign to Doris Diether, who worked with Jane Jacobs in the 60s, and is very active in Community Board 2. (more after the jump)

Several groups of Greenwich Village residents protested against Quinn during the ceremony, saying that Quinn, their own representative, has betrayed what Jacobs stood for.

Jacobs is most recognized for her activist work for neighborhoods, and according to Congressman Jerrold Nadler, as “A pioneer in saying that cities are built for people, not for automobiles, that you don’t destroy neighborhoods to make transportation by automobiles more efficient.”

Her work has been influential not only the U.S., but, as State Senator Thomas Duane pointed out, the whole world.

Quinn explained that the street is called Jane Jacobs Way, not Jane Jacobs Street or Jane Jacobs Avenue, because it “Stands a point about what this neighborhood has been about, and what the move for preservation and appropriate, responsible development is; it’s about the way Jane Jacobs want in cities to exist, to evolve, and to grow.”

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer emphasized Jacobs’ importance by saying that “When we think about how people can have a say in what’s going to happen in their communities, we think about Jane Jacobs. When we think about how we are going to plan for the future with the city; we also think about transportation and infrastructure, and issues like that, we think about Jane Jacobs.”

Protesters say Quinn promotes policies opposed to what Jane Jacobs proposed. (photo: Stephanie Lam/The Epoch Times)

Many Greenwich Village residents gathered at the ceremony, several groups of which protested against Quinn.

Suzannah Troy said that Quinn, “Is passing herself off as a Jane Jacobs, and she is anything but,” because she votes on issues in favor of developers, who offer her kickbacks. “Taxpayers are paying over a quarter of a million, if not more, for high price lawyers, specializing in white collar crime.”

Principal of Z+H Architects Stas Zakazewski mentioned that Quinn is in support of building a three-district sanitation garage in residential areas in the neighborhood, which is much bigger than necessary, and prevents light from coming into the streets. Z+H Architects designed a smaller sanitation garage that has a park on its top, which is more environmentally friendly, but Quinn voted against it.

“It’s really sad that here she is, dedicating this Jane Jacobs Way today, when in fact, she doesn’t believe in what Jane Jacobs is doing, and she votes against what she’s done,” he said.

Ms. Hailey is also concerned about the sanitation garage, especially because it would bring smog and pollution into the area. Her 12-year-old daughter commented, “They are saying all these things about how Jane Jacobs would preserve the community, and Christine Quinn’s just saying, let’s tear all these down, just put a sanitation truck in … ruining our whole neighborhood.”