Quinn hit with even more protests!

Lackey: Who's behind this? This is illegal!

Police attempt to intimidate protesters.

Christine Quinn does not seem to understand there's something called the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteeing the right to assemble and protest.

Once again, Quinn had the NYPD out to intimidate protesters who were - mostly silently - holding up signs, passing out fliers, objecting to a third term for Quinn. The reasons are varied, but simple: she undermined the will of NYC voters by removing term limits, she engages in slush-funding for political patrons and she is the darling of NYC landlords and developers. (more after the jump)

Large colorful posters were held high. Fliers shouting 'Dump Quinn' were being passed out Tuesday evening in front of the 82nd and Broadway Barnes & Noble, ironically, itself a temple of free speech. Demonstrators were not blocking any entrances or entering the store, or any activity that might give police an excuse to further harass them.

Quinn was set to introduce Andrea Batista Schlesinger, author of "The Death of Why," at 7 PM followed by a book signing and discussion. By 6:30 PM, police were already stationed in front of the store, perhaps they were tipped off from an internet posting.

Schlesinger, as Executive Director of the Drum Major Institute, has moved, like Quinn, to the right-wing, supporting corporate welfare and neighborhood destabilization under the guise of "moving ideas." She displayed her true colors this past spring, signing on to the Bloomberg mayoral campaign, obviously attracted by her own greed and the lucrative compensation from the billionaire Mayor. When it's time to fatten the wallet, principles be damned!

In short, Schlesinger would be a sell-out if she hadn't already been selling-out by promoting luxury development for Bloomberg's buddies (just like her buddy Christine Quinn) all along.

From the start of Tuesday's event, the police engaged in harassment, demanding to know protesters' intentions and attempting to move them across the street. At one point, 7 or 8 police tried to intimidate protesters. When they refused to budge, the cops changed tactics claiming they were concerned the event inside would be disrupted. Of course, there was no basis for the claim. The NYPD was trying to use prior restraint, and that's illegal.

But pedestrians and onlookers were curious. Some thought it was a protest of the store. People stopped, looked at the signs and read the fliers. Plenty of people agreed.

One belligerent man - who seemed to be affiliated with the Quinn entourage -- angrily asked just who was behind the protest and who paid for the posters. He said he was going to file a complaint. Demonstrators pointed him in the direction to the police 5 yards away.

Andrea Batista Schlesinger -- who was there to sign her book -- was very upset, claiming the protest ruined her party and why didn't they pick some other public event to protest at. But none of the protesters had been hired by Bloomberg, and none were raking in the massive Bloomberg bucks that Schlesinger was making.

When Quinn arrived at seven, she ran right into the store (at the speed of light), and the protesters shouted "no third term." Maybe she's in denial, but with her cocoon of cops and continued arrogance, it appears unlikely that she yet realizes the extent of the trust she has broken, or why she must leave office.