Quinn Challenger Passannante-Derr caught in Endorsement Lie

Maria Passannante Derr, one of two challengers to Christine Quinn's bid for re-election, came under fire yesterday for an apparent false claim of being endorsed by the New York League of Humane Voters.

The animal rights group never endorsed Ms. Passannante-Derr. They had endorsed Quinn's other challenger, Yetta Kurland, according to its website.

An email sent Thursday from the Passannante-Derr campaign claimed, "The League of Humane Voters of NYC Endorses Maria" and "We endorse Maria Passannante Derr as our candidate for NYC Council Third District."A banner was displayed on the Passannante-Derr website making the same claim. See here and here.

The New York League of Humane Voters lists Yetta Kurland as its endorsed candidate for the City Council Third District primary race. The organization had endorsed Ms. Kurland as far back as October 2008, and it's Executive Director, John Phillips, has been seen frequently with Ms. Kurland on the campaign trail.

A representative from the Passannante-Derr campaign stated that the discrepancy was "with the Kurland campaign," but that they would look into the matter and call back. No further callbacks were received and the campaign failed to respond to a follow-up email. No corrections have been issued.

Apparently this is not the first time that Ms. Passannante-Derr has made claims of endorsements that could not be supported. A mailing from the McManus Democratic Club (see here) in December 2008 stated that Ms. Passannante Derr was "Endorsed by the McManus Democratic Association." However the McManus Club denied this in an article in the Soho Journal (commonly used as a mouthpiece for McManus) and Quinn's website lists McManus as having endorsed her. (why anyone would even want the McManus Club endorsement is another discussion altogether).