Protest hits Quinn Fundraiser

Demonstrators protest Christine Quinn's Human Rights record (or lack of any discernable record) last week (June 25th). According to one source, Quinn or her staff called the police on the demonstrators and then scurried inside when her SUV rolled up.

Among her supporters were Howard Koeppel (Queens automotive dealer who let Giuliani crash in his home after Rudy publicly dissed his then wife Donna Hanover), Tim Gay (who supposedly went postal inside the Board of Elections office), Brad Hoylman, chief shill for NYC developers, and several other Quinn hacks and cronies.

The protest was called by the New York City Human Rights Initiative, but by the 25th, it attracted those fed up with Quinn for many additional reasons.

This from an email from the NYCHRI:

Over the past few years, Speaker Quinn has talked a lot about her commitment to promoting human rights and equality for all New Yorkers, but her record tells another story:

  • She has used City Council to rubber-stamp Mayor Bloomberg's agenda, including pushing through the term limits extension against the will of the people of New York City

  • She has refused to set a hearing date for Human Rights GOAL, a bill that would proactively combat discrimination against New York's most vulnerable communities - including the LGBTQ community she claims to represent.

  • She has refused to use the power of her office to compel the Department of Education to fully implement the 2004 Dignity in All Schools Act and has failed to do anything effective or comprehensive to address the epidemic of bullying and bias-based harassment in public schools

  • She has done nothing to strengthen the underfunded, understaffed and ineffective NYC Commission on Human Rights, which is ostensibly responsible for implementing & enforcing NYC human rights law.

Join NYCHRI in a rally to let her know that New Yorkers hold her accountable for her failure as Speaker to promote and protect our human rights!

photos: Donny Moss and Pauline Park