NY1 Wise Guys on Chris Quinn's Hissy Fits

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Tuesday, March 26, on NY1 Cable show "Road to City Hall," on its segment "Wise Guys" (with former Public Advocate Betsy Gotbaum, former Governor Eliot Spitzer and former Senator Alphonse D'Amato) looked at Christine Quinn's political temperament.

Betsy Gotbaum -- (who was traumatized by Quinn as detailed in the New York Times article -- had this to say to the show's host, Errol Louis:

Errol Louis: It [the article] talks about a screaming encounter that seems to come out of nowhere, and there's almost no interpretation where that is appropriate or OK between you and Speaker Quinn.

Betsy Gotbaum: Well first of all I want to make it clear this is not about Speaker Quinn and Betsy Gotbaum. This is really about what I consider to be important as a leadership issue for the City of New York going forward in the coming mayoral campaign. And I really believe that being a leader you have to be conciliatory, you have to listen to all sides, you have to try to come to a consensus and have people think that you are listening to them, and actually listen to them and then come to a decision. And I believe that kind of leadership is what we need for the mayor in 2014.

Read what Eliot Spitzer and Alphonse D'Amato had to say about Christine Quinn after the jump.

Errol Louis: Do we need that all the time? I just talked yesterday with an author of a book about David Dinkens, and we talked about, among other things, about how different his temperament was from the mayor who succeeded him, Rudy Giuliani. And New Yorkers seem to be of two minds. Sometimes you want courtesy and someone who will bring everyone together. And sometimes apparently -- according to the voters -- we want or need someone who will yell and scream and throw a tantrum now and then?

Betsy Gotbaum: Well, I think, sure now and then ... but you have to have a reason to be angry and throwing a tantrum. And I don't believe just throwing a tantrum for the sake -- to appear tough -- is what you want. Because people can be tough and not scream and yell and really show an ability to have empathy and to listen to others. I don't think the screaming and yelling shows that. Yeah, sure, occasionally you might have, but I really believe what we need is someone who can lead the city in a quiet -- not necessarily quiet all the time -- but in a measured and experienced way.

Errol Louis: I got to ask you about this Governor ...

Eliot Spitzer: ... [Quinn] seems to be tethered to nothing in particular, whether it is sick pay, pay for sick time, where she seems to be vacillating going back and forth, trying to appease one side, then the other. Or with "Stop & Frisk" where she wants it both ways. She wants Ray Kelly to stay, but then she wants an IG [Inspector General]. She won't say what the IG is supposed to do. Give us a sense of direction else as Betsy said, the anger is just for anger.

That is what is missing here, a sense of cohesiveness and coherence to what the direction is she wants us to move in. The article today ... pretty devastating ... in terms of its display, the argument that she is with regularity just displaying venom and anger....

Errol Louis: What do you think Senator?

Alphonse D'Amato: I think it's pretty sad when they say they actually had to soundproof her office and pad it so the people wouldn't hear her screaming. That's pretty sad. I think one of the worst things is her political clubhouse antics. And what do I mean by that? It's one thing if you disagree with somebody on the principal. It's another thing when you get angry at a council person who put out a press release and didn't have your name in it as it relates to saving a firehouse and then what do you do ... you bring the person in, excoriate them, you tell them they have no business doing this and then you cut off funding for good programs that belong in that district?

You talk about a political hack? Let me tell you, this is the same person, Christine Quinn, who gave out millions of dollars of money that shouldn't have been out to a bunch of political hacks, a number of them who to jail, because she never even looked to see where that money was going.

She was buying their votes.

You talk about a political clubhouse hack? That is Christine Quinn.