New de Blasio TV ad revives Christine Quinn's Slush Fund talk

New York Daily News
De Blasio Video Hits Quinn on Member Items
by Erik Durkin
April 8, 2013

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio isn't letting up in his attacks on City Council Speaker (and Democratic mayoral primary foe) Christine Quinn over Council member items.

De Blasio released a video Monday setting to ominous music Quinn's defense of the Council's discretionary funding system:

De Blasio called for member items to be abolished last week after Queens Councilman Dan Halloran was charged with offering to funnel taxpayer cash to a sham group in exchange for bribes, making him the latest in a string of lawmakers to get busted for abusing the funds.

"The facts speak for themselves. These things happened on her watch," he said of his mayoral rival.

But Quinn has pointed out that safeguards imposed under her speakership would have prevented Halloran from actually carrying out the scheme he dicussed.

De Blasio's clip coincides with the rollout of a new superPAC-funded cable ad which portrays Quinn as just another power-hungry pol who makes backroom deals to advance her own interests.

The PAC, NYC Is Not For Sale, is funded by a group Quinn says has ties to de Blasio.