More Protests hit Christine Quinn

On Tuesday, Christine Quinn was met with more protests over her role in ending Term Limits, her Slush Fund and her sell-out to developers and landlords. The Quinn campaign event was for NARAL and Planned Parenthood supporters, but only a very few were seen walking into her campaign headquarters.

Quinn operative Wayne Kawadler showed classic Quinn arrogance. appearing to call out the police. Did he file a police report falsely claiming protestors were blocking the door? Kawadler was described as "coming long way - from protesting to calling the cops on demonstrators."

And the cops came. You can't chant. You can't leaflet. You can't be here. You need to go. They brought out the brass, the detectives, the undercover cops to take photos of the protest. It was as if a sign questioning Quinn could overturn the Khamenei. As in Iran, demonstrators asked, "Where is our vote?"

Quinn rolled up in her city-provided SUV
with city-provided NYPD detectives.
She scurried inside,
head down, tail between her legs,
in shame.