Kids Say the Darndest Things

Cable News channel NY1's The Call, a viewer-call-in show running weeknights at 9 PM, is usually filled with a lot of nonsense, like the guy who thought Anthony Weiner and Bill de Blasio were essentially the same and interchangable.

But it was the comment in the video above that turned our attention. Like host John Schuimo, we thought it was a prankster. But she said she was sincere. Was it a plant, or are people that stupid in 2013? Well there's a lot of people who think Christine Quinn is a progressive, that she cares about communities and that she fights for tenants, so that answers that.

Towards the end, when asked who she's voting for, she says she's leaning towards Quinn, and ... listen closely ... you can hear host John Schiumo say under his breath, "of course you are."