Greg David on how Quinn might give Gracie Mansion to the Republicans again

Crains NY Business, March 24, 2013
Greg David

A news report on WNBC last week on the spat between City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg over establishing an inspector general for the New York Police Department involved a series of point-counterpoint clips. At the end, the woman I live with turned to me and said, "And that woman is going to be the next mayor?"

... what makes the NYPD inspector general issue so important is that it highlights a growing concern about Ms. Quinn: that she is a politician first, last and always, without bedrock principles. Her support for a Police Department IG is designed to make sure her rivals don't outflank her on the left. It is also a flip-flop from her position of only a few weeks ago that she wanted Ray Kelly to continue as police commissioner, which he can't do now because he bitterly opposes the IG concept.

The WNBC report also raised doubts about Ms. Quinn's commitment to doing everything possible to keep reducing crime. Thus, the reaction of my partner, which was echoed by many others.

The result: Former City Comptroller Bill Thompson has been looking for a way to seize the moderate position among the Democrats. This gives him that opening. And Ms. Quinn has made Mr. Lhota's core pitch to voters -- ­that the city's gains of the past 20 years are "fragile" and that no Democrat can be trusted to preserve them -- ­much more credible.