Flashback: Quinn parties; Villager Puff Pieces; buildings crumble

Flashback June 2006, Christine Quinn blew off an important Queens meeting for Game Hen with Celebrities.

According to a Queens Tribune article, Christine Quinn failed to show up at an important Queens Public Forum to discuss problems with the Department of Buildings. Flyers had gone out from the NYC Council announcing the Public Forum on "Improving the Department of Buildings" with Christine Quinn as the main attendee, for 7 PM, Wednesday, June 21, 2006.

And just where was Christine Quinn on Wednesday, June 21, 2006 at 7 PM? She was yukking it up with some of the world's most ugly and shallow people, promoting the wholesale bulldozing of West Chelsea for the High Line project. Three years later, Quinn and Bloomberg are now pushing a plan to force Chelsea residents to pay for their Yuppie Park on the second floor. (more after the jump)

Instead of "focusing on her job," Quinn attended the 2006 Friends of the High Line Summer Benefit, with cocktails at 7 PM. Go here and here to see Quinn and all the ugly people (really ugly people). It seems that Christine is having so much fun yukking the night away.

But why wasn't she in Queens? No longer an advocate for the poor and middle class, she's now with-it, and in-with-the-in-crowd. Instead of Kevin Bacon or Diane Von Poop, the people of Queens had real issues that the Speaker of the City Council should have heard. But Quinn blew them off, falsely claiming she had a "scheduling conflict." It was a party! Here's the flyer for the Queens forum.

And Quinn wasn't the only one taking in the good life. Seems that venerable Villager reporter Al Von Amateau joined Quinn for the Game Hen. The Villager used to be a real paper with real news, but in the Bloomberg/Quinn years, it's more of a gossip rag with relentless puff pieces on how cute Quinn looks in her latest outfit. You can't tell it apart from the West Side Spirit.

And why is a reporter mingling with developers, ugly people and bought-off politicians? Over the years Von Amateau has been a solid reporter, but in the last few years, the Villager has become much more of an apologist for developers and snarky politicians like Quinn. Chances are Von Amateau wrote the Scoopy's snippet, and if so, he's reporting on himself. Isn't that the kind of nonsense we expect from the corporate media?

From Scoopy's report:

High Line Living: All was friendly at the Friends of the High Line’s benefit bash at Cipriani's 55 Wall Street last week. Chowing down on game hen and pilaf beneath the domed dining hall, 850 developers, pols and celebrities rubbed elbows and talked High Line. Kevin Bacon and Diane von Furstenberg partied. Governor wannabe Eliot Spitzer MC'd – “I have powers of subpoena and if you don't quiet down I'll cite you.” Guest of honor and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn gave a nod to her predecessor, Gifford Miller, for jumping on the High Line train early on. Giff, the Princeton classmate and friend of Friends co-founder Robert Hammond, sat at the table, but the former speaker was never asked to, well, speak. Villager scribe Al Amateau, whose High Line articles over the past six years were reprinted in the event’s souvenir newspaper, took a bow for his reporting.

Maybe it was the Game Hen. Nevertheless, Shame on you Al for not being a reporter, but being an apologist.

As for Quinn, it seemed only natural that only three weeks later, according to the NY Post, a top executive at Cipriani's -- where the High Line benefit was staged -- might have also had a beef with the Game Hen, collapsing to the floor with alleged heart pains at his arraignment. It seems that the "No. 2 man for the restaurant empire Cipriani's - a felon with alleged ties to organized crime - ha[d] been indicted on charges he stole more than $1.6 million in a health-insurance scam." Simply not unusual for the company Quinn keeps. This Friend of Quinn was ordered to prison in 2007 for up to four and a half years.