Delusional Cristine C. Quinn seeks help from those to whom she would "cut their balls off," but gets shot down by Sal Albanese

New York Daily News
Fighting SuperPAC Attack, NY Mayor Hopeful Chris Quinn Urges Rivals To Reject IE Help
by Celeste Katz
April 9, 2013

Democratic mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn encourages her rivals to reject independent expenditure help in a letter sent after the City Council speaker found herself in the crosshairs of a new superPAC ad campaign that frames her as a backroom dealer.

Quinn, via her campaign lawyer, has also asked Time Warner Cable to pull the unflattering spot from its rotation.

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Just to catch up on these developments:

At a candidate forum this morning, according to our Jonathan Lemire, Quinn defended her team's decision to raise a legal challenge to the NYC Is Not For Sale ad campaign, calling it factually inaccurate and an attempt to circumvent the city's "gold-standard" election spending laws.

Quinn said she her position on the ads would be the same even if she wasn't the target. Asked about SCOTUS rulings on superPAC activities, she said these matters are sometimes not an issue of what's "legal," but what's "right."

That assessment fell flat with former Brooklyn Councilman Sal Albanese, one of the primary candidates who have busted on Quinn on this issue and a host of others.

Said underdog Albanese in a statement, "It's sad that it took more than three years of living in a post-Citizens United world for Speaker Quinn to join me in recognizing the problems that shadowy money poses to the democratic process. I have urged my opponents on a number of occasions to take a more principled approach to campaign finance. While the Speaker's letter is a step in the right direction, it is hardly enough. Given her role in overturning term limits and abusing member items, we need to see real action. On Friday, I called on her to introduce a bill to better regulate who can contribute to political campaigns. Only with meaningful legislation, not opportunistic campaign rhetoric, can we get big money out of politics once and for all."

Quinn IE Letter