Christine Quinn has Anger Management Issues

Listen to how Quinn treats her own constituents

On December 17, 2002, community residents of Manhattan's West Side and from 43 community groups held a press conference at City Hall opposing Bloomberg's plan for Hudson Yards and the Jets Stadium. Quinn refused to attend the news conference, cowering inside City Hall. Later that day she left this phone message on the answering machine of one of the organizers. In the last ten years, Quinn has gone from a supporter of communities to being completely bought by real estate developers and landlords.

Update: Quinn's answering machine meltdown audio is now featured in The Gothamist. However one error in that article should be noted. We did not demand anonymity. We stated that the bulk of our phone conversation with the Gothamist reporter was off-the-record (which is not the same thing as anonymity and allows for a more casual conversation). The reported asked to use certain quotes, to which we agreed.