Christine Quinn: Behind the Smile

See how openly gay City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has betrayed NYC voters, the gay community and the democratic process while masquerading as a reformer. See comments on the video at Youtube

and from the Village Voice...

Donny Moss Takes Aim at Chri
stine Quinn in Short Film
By Graham Rayman
Village Voice
June 8, 2009

Whoa! Documentary film maker and animal rights advocate Donny Moss really lets City Council Speaker Christine Quinn have it in a short video he has posted on YouTube.

In the 10 minute piece, Moss, 37, the maker of a film called "Blinders," which documents the failed effort to ban horse-drawn carriages from the city, accuses Quinn of overweening political ambition and turning her back on the city's gay and lesbian community.

"Until this, I respected her and admired her," says Moss, a resident of Quinn's district who once had his photo taken with her.  "Once you dig deeper, you realize that she is betraying us and selling us down the river when it's politically expedient."

Among Moss' claims....

  • He says City Council members and other pols told him they would decline to support the carriage ban because they were afraid of angering Quinn. He claims she didn't want to annoy her political rabbis with the Queens Democratic Party, who were close to the carriage industry.
  • Two clips of Quinn show that she lied about whether she used money from the council slush fund to dole out district plums to council members. Quinn, as we recall, initially claimed she used the money to cover mid-year budget gaps.
  • Quinn failed to act aggressively or speak out during and following the questionable arrests of 50 middle-aged gay men, some of them European tourists, who were busted in an NYPD campaign to shut down adult bookstores. Facing a threat from protesters to picket the Bloomberg mansion, she eventually called a meeting of the PD, mayor's office and community activists but failed to show up for it. Months later, some of those arrested are still trying to get their names cleared.
  • Quinn struck a "back room" deal with the NYPD that would limit Freedom of Assembly. The rule required that any gathering of 50 or more people had to go through the city's onerous permit approval process.
  • Quinn's flip-flop on term limits, which allowed Mayor Bloomberg another term, was fueled not by concern over the economy, as she claimed in October, 2008, but her ultimate goal of being elected mayor. Moss also suggests that her flip-flop resulted in the slush fund investigation being placed on the back burner. Bloomberg insisted there was "no back room" deal, but Moss points out that the Department of Investigation has been silent on the slush fund investigation for a year.
  • Quinn's term limits flip-flop effectively blocked the chances of up and coming gay and lesbian candidates from winning a council race.

"I wanted to make the documentary so that people should see the truth behind the smile," Moss says. "There is a difference between politics and these types of betrayals and deceits, and Christine Quinn has crossed that line."

Calls and emails to Quinn's press office were not returned.